Annette Morris - A background history

My name is Annette Morris and I am a spiritual healer, medium and counsellor, married to the well know and much loved Medium, Reverend Geoff Morris.


I have been aware of spirit since I was five and heard a deep male voice. Since then I have had many amazing experiences where spirit have directed me into a variety of situations that have broadened my understanding, and greatly influenced my life. I don’t believe in coincidence, all things have a purpose and happen for a reason. For example, I started seeing my husband just one week before we were maneuvered into meeting Gloria and John Haughton, who were just about to start the Guiding Light Centre in Malvern where we spent many happy evenings and weekends developing our mediumship and healing gifts. During our ten years at the Guiding Light Centre we went on to taking our own development circles and to working the circuit of spiritualist churches and centres. We still do this together, where I give the address, which is philosophy directed by spirit, and Geoff gives most of the messages.

While I love working in the churches, my heart has always been more about the healing and over the years I have taken certificates in Healing, Counselling and Hypnotherapy. The latter because I wanted to get to the root cause of a client’s presenting problem. I have also discovered a talent for tapping into past lifetimes to unlock present day issues. Sometimes it is spontaneous, sometimes by placing my hand on or near the part of the body that is in discomfort, and sometimes by doing a hypnotherapy session where I can help my client to discover past lives for themselves.


I am a very strong healer, with a naturally calming influence and it gives me great pleasure to see my clients leave me with a new spring in their step.