We very rarely remember what has happened to us in previous lifetimes because, let’s be honest, we have enough baggage to deal with in this life without the need to worry about previous times that we are helpless to change. But as the soul expands its knowledge, it becomes more aware of its past exploits in the physical and it wants to make amends, and so the body can take on pain or discomfort in various different parts. I for example had sciatica in my left hip. It was caused by deep seated frustration which went back to being a serf in Egypt where I was unable to change my lot in life.

We all have that fight or flight instinct within us and it is perfectly natural for your unconscious mind to have buried something at a deep level, a fear of water because of drowning, or even a fear of frogs I once came across because of the use of frog poison on darts in a previous life. I could write a book on the effects that fear has on us all, but to put it succinctly for now:


The Universe is Love, but its equal and opposite is fear. We have evolved not recognising the love and therefore evolving within the fear and we have coped by putting up layers of protection rather like having many onion skins around us, skins such as anger, jealousy, shame, resentment, distrust, lack of self-worth and low self-confidence to name but a few. So a big part of what I do is to help rebuild that self-confidence and self-love, so that you can face the world with head held high and believing that you can do whatever it is that you truly want to do.


I have had a very good success rate and I promise to do my best to help.