Mark Street

Annette and Geoff are both wonderful individuals and excellent in their own fields, we have experience of Annette in healing, providing medium skills and past life regression capacities. The warmness, professionalism and skills of Annette are excellent. Annette radiates peacefulness, tranquility and relaxation and we both felt at total ease in her presence and whilst the regression was taking place. Nothing is rushed and Annette will spend the time to ensure you get your desired conclusion. Through spirit investigation, Annette assisted our team in one specific case, and was the difference in providing a successful conclusion. We would both highly recommend Annette and thank you for your time and help.


I found Annette a very warm and welcoming person. Very easy to talk to and discuss my thoughts and feelings to. I had been suffering bad depression and anxiety since my marriage break up even down to not wanting to be in public places too long unusual for me as I had worked in retail security. I had lost all direction and drive. But since visiting Mrs Morris I had got my drive back I have found my way back into the gym ect. I cannot praise Mrs Morris any more highly as from visiting her I have got my life back I would recommend her healing and hypnosis to all.


For the last 20 years I have felt a darkness attached to me. It controlled a lot of what I did and drew negative people to me. I finally decided enough was enough so I sort the help of a team of investigators who brought Annette along. With her love and compassion she squeezed the darkness out and replaced it with light. I now feel free and happy, I feel innocent again. I can now look at life with a whole new light, I now feel happy.

Tina Cox

The gentle energy Annette radiates welcomes and engulfs you with reassurance and warmth, she is a clear open vessel of love, she works with pure intention with spirit. I experienced healing from Annette she gently up rooted the emotion that had manifested it self into a lump on a Lymph node in my neck, within several days after healing with Annette it had decreased by 80% several months later it had disappeared. I can highly recommend Annette as a facilitator of divine love and healing from spirit she has many talents to share with the world. Blessings to all who are guided by her teachings or healings.

Tina Wright

I have had Healing and Past Life Regression from Annette and in both cases I have found her amazing and a truly gifted person. 
Annette makes you feel so at ease and explains things to you right from the start, she is very understanding, full of empathy has great knowledge and experience at what she does.
I would highly recommend Healing or Past Life Regression from her as it really worked for me, and made me feel a lot better with my health. It also gave me an understanding of the fears which I had, and that they came from a past life, she then helped me work through them over a couple of sessions and now my fears have gone.

I could not recommend anybody more than her and I am so glad I went to her as she has helped me so much.


Today was a total eye opener. I feel so relaxed and ready to move forward, ready to help myself and other people. 

I would recommend Annette to anyone who needs clarity in life.


What can I say?! Amazing, Annette is a soft spoken lady with many wise, strong words. Not to say how powerful her healing hands are, they were something special. I enjoyed every minute, and felt her energy which was something out of this world, amazing, inspirational. Thank you again, see you in time. Thank you.

Sue Daffy

Annette is a very accomplished Healer! She is extremely caring, compassionate & loving! She makes you feel at ease and completely safe in her care. I have no hesitation in recommending Annette! 

Audra Allard

I have known Annette for over 22 years, myself and all my family have had the benefit of having her wisdom, healing and friendship, which she always given so selflessly, she will calm your storm, or encourage your endurance so that you can get through so many aspects of Life.
Annette's peace, calm and serenity is coupled with her strength, courage and determination to help and heal people on their journey through understanding the mind, body and soul.
Annette's philosophy she brings forward from Spirit is truly of the highest, we are privileged to have her in this life time, to shine her light upon our pathway. You will truly benefit from any time spent with Annette.

Abey Clarke

For several months I have had stomach problems which lead to pain after eating some foods. After I received healing from Annette my stomach felt much more settled. During the healing session, Annette focussed on my stomach which gave me warm, pulling sensations across my stomach. Following the healing my stomach felt considerably more settled and I was able to eat normally without feeling stomach pain. Therefore It helped me to feel physically and emotionally better. Annette is a very gentle and caring person.