I Am

I am the light and the love of God

I shine as the sun shines.

My light goes out to the four corners of the Earth

And so does yours.

We are the Light

We are the Love.

We can do anything we want to in the name of love.

I am a shower in the desert

The sunshine after the rain

I am the light and the love because God shines through me.

I am a sunbeam

I gleam and dance for God

And because God says I can, and I am.

I am a fountain of light

I bubble and whisper

I carry the word of God

And through my words you will know the love and understanding of God

Find stillness, there is God

Find laughter, there is God

I see Gods face everywhere

In the sun and the stars

In the ripple on the lake

In the song of a bird

And in a blade of grass,

I see God in your faces

Because you, like me, are part of God.

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