The Many Perspectives of Truth

If four of us were to stand on the top of a mountain, back to back, one looking North, one East, one South and one West, we would all be seeing a different aspect of the same truth. The one looking North might be seeing a town below, with a patchwork of fields beyond. The one looking East, a succession of mountain peaks, the one looking South, woodland and Lakes with more hills in the background while the one looking West, mountain ridges dropping off into the sea. Each one is seeing truth, but no-one has the whole truth yet, so it is by joining together and sharing each of our understandings that we begin to see the more complete picture.

Also, there are seven levels of man, so if we start our journey on the bottom floor of a glass elevator we will see a walled garden with flowers and lawns. On the first level, we can see just over the wall into the street beyond. On the second level, we can see the street beyond the wall and various other sites such as spires and high rise buildings. By the time we get to the fourth floor we can see the whole of the town and hills in the distance. At the seventh level it is like being on the top of a mountain, our truth has expanded to see for miles, but if you were to look down from your glass elevator the walled garden would still be there, our foundations, our gained knowledge stays with us, we simply build upon it with each lifetime that that we live through. So, listen to other people’s truth and take the teachings they offer in order to expand your own greater picture of the world.


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