One of the many reasons for pain

Since the beginning of our individual evolution, each time we come into physical life, we experience pain in different forms and in different parts of our bodies. This is not a punishment, it happens because our souls main desire is to grow and evolve in order to return to its creative light source as quickly as it can and the soul knows that its quickest route to changing the way the mind thinks and works is to bring pain into the body. The soul has a set purpose for each lifetime that we live through, certain lessons that it intends us to learn. The soul is very positive and driven, the mind on the other hand can be very wayward and reluctant, hence the term ‘the spirit is willing, but the flesh is very weak indeed’. So when the mind goes off as to what the soul intended, the soul will sometimes bring pain into the body as a reminder about the job at hand or because it wants to make great strides forward while on this particular journey. Have you noticed, the more spiritually aware you become, the more pain you seem to suffer? This is partly (there is not a whole answer as we are all unique) because your soul, having got you moving in the right direction, is pushing you even harder to make more soul growth. I will use my husband, Geoff as an example, he has just had an operation to remove cancer from his body. It was a major operation and he was told it would take at least six weeks to recover from and indeed each day his health improves a little more. I have always been conscious of our diet, but since Geoff was diagnosed I have been even keener to feed him appropriate and potentially cancer reducing foods. Geoff has eaten, if a little reluctantly the food I have prepared and he is now surprising me almost daily by eating things that I have always happily eaten, things I have never seen him eat in twenty-nine years. In short, the pain and discomfort and probably the fear too has pushed Geoff to look at what he is eating in order to improve his health. The better and more healthily we eat, the clearer our bodies energy flow becomes and the better we feel within ourselves, and as a bi-product we have an even better link to spirit because it naturally lifts our vibration. I anticipate even more changes in Geoff’s thinking and in my own now as we both venture forth dedicating our lives to working more and more for spirit.

Life is whole and perfectly balanced so while I have explained a little about pain and why we experience it I also need to talk about the joy of living, the experience of holding a baby, of getting and rearing a new puppy or kitten or indeed any pet. The joy and satisfaction of striving to do something and achieving our aims, and as the Paralympics are still at the forefront of our minds at the moment I will use them as a perfect example of how will power, determination and dedication brings great joy when any medal is won, but also the camaraderie, friendship and love shared between them all irrespective of nationality. Indeed, both the Olympics and the Paralympics have forged unity and love across the world, unparalleled by any other means.

Life is worth living, there is still so much for us to learn about ourselves and about this beautiful earth on which we live, and trust me when I say the best is yet to come for each and every one of us.

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