Depression is a state of mind where we get so low that it seems no one can help us. We are walking through treacle, everything we do becomes an effort and lethargy soaks away all drive and motivation. We start to think that there is no end to the tunnel, no light to aim for and that laughter and joy are things of the past.

But the tunnel does end, and the light becomes brighter and brighter as we put ourselves out of the pit of despair. Life is a learning process, it has many highs and lows, and while the highs are great while they last, we only really learn while life is a struggle.

The soul is positive, it is motivated, it cannot help but go towards the light, as like a flower it is drawn to the sun. The mind, on the other hand, enjoys wallowing in negativity. It is easier to wallow in self-pity and ‘why me’, bringing in all the negative aspects of our lives than it is to be happy and content. You must work at being happy, or finding peace and contentment, which is made even harder during present times with advertising almost convincing us that we need this product or that one to be happy, it’s a con, don’t listen.

Find peace within nature, find contentment by doing the garden or being creative with your hands and minds. Use colour and light, green for balance, orange for energy and vitality, sky blue for peace and calm, golden yellow for inspiration and positivity. Use flowers and the clothes you wear for the colour you need, feel which colour is right for you each day.

You will have good days and bad, that’s OK, don’t worry if you slip back. Try getting a pen and paper to write down everything you are feeling and thinking, no-one else needs to read it, but you will find that it stops the same thoughts from going around and around in your mind. You may even find that if you keep these words in a diary form, that you can look back and see your own progress and improvement. Writing your thoughts down helps to quiet the mind and allow for a better night’s sleep and if you read through what you have written the following day, it can act like a sounding board and bring forth ideas to help yourself, or make you look at yourself more closely and realise that you want to make change.

Your own soul is your best friend, it allows you to hold onto your depression for a while, because you are learning and becoming stronger through the experience, but once your soul decides you have learnt that particular lesson it will nag at you because it does not want to stand still and stagnate. It wants to evolve, and once again that need to move on with your life, to grow and blossom will come back.

If you do find that depression drags you down time after time, look at yourself now, think about the first time it happened, what caused it then? Would the same set of circumstances pull you down now? I don’t think it would, for although each time it happens, you seem to sink lower than the one before, in truth, each time is making you stronger. Each time you will bounce back with a little more confidence than you had before, not immediately, it takes a few weeks but you get to a point of feeling free and exhilarated, it comes down to finding a balance between high and low, finding that happy medium and working at staying there. B as you start to realise that you have grown you will start to feel a little more confident than you were before, a little more assertiveness and determination comes out.

A little more hope that this will be the last one. YOU HAVE GROWN spiritually, physically and mentally, look at yourself now, know that you have grown, feel that tingle of recognition within you and be proud of yourself for what you have achieved.

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