The Cuts and Grazes of Life

Life holds a series of cuts, grazes and knocks. As children and all through our lives we graze knees and bruise ourselves. The bruises hurt when they happen and we feel them for days as they gradually change colour and fade. Just like the happenings of life, an incident occurs and we feel hurt and bruised by a comment or harsh words from someone else. The hurt stays with us, but as time passes we think through and process the words rather like the colour changes that happen to the bruise. We find a way to colour the words differently so that we can eventually put them to the back of our minds so that they only hurt now if we prod them deeply enough.

The graze is a little harsher, we fall and graze a knee or elbow, and it smarts and perhaps bleeds, so someone else or we ourselves cleanse the wound and cover it for a few days. We even poke at it to see if it still hurts, and it does hurt because it is reminding us that it needs extra protection, extra care. Then it starts to itch so we know it is starting to heal, and eventually, a little at a time the scab falls off, but we are left with a lifelong scar, a reminder of the incident.

This too represents things that are happening in our life and in our minds, we stumble because the soul is trying to slow us down. We are going headlong in the wrong direction for our personal growth, and as the most important aspect of life is to learn, the soul will redirect us to the intended lessons.

When we fall, we feel shaken up, and some caring person helps us to get up and they dress our wounds with words of encouragement. The words help a little, but we still need time to process them, to alter and redirect our own thinking, so we limp around for days because the mind cannot ‘run’ with this new way of thinking right now. The mind processes a little more as each day passes and the wound heals over as the new way forward starts to emerge. The scab starts to itch, meaning that it is never far from our mind as it keeps bringing itself into our conscious thought, the memory stays with us like a small scar, a reminder to stay on track, to learn the specific lessons we came here to learn.

This applies to all the emotions and turmoil’s that life throws at us, and sometimes when we persist in the wrong direction, we are laid out flat, with a broken bone or an illness that knocks the stuffing out of us. These are usually brought about by the soul to give us thinking time, to help us to understand that we need to change the direction that we were heading towards. We have all been given free will, but the soul comes into physical life with a plan and it has every intention of keeping us at least roughly to the plan. So the next time you hurt yourself ask ‘what am I doing wrong’ and think it through consciously, it will help.

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